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Sex Ed for All Month

Right now, less than half of the states require sex education to be medically accurate – Missouri doesn’t require sex education at all and schools that provide it can choose medically accurate or abstinence-only lessons. Missouri’s statutes also don’t address LGBTQ+ students which means few receive information specific to their health. Even as our country and our world respond to a global pandemic, we must acknowledge that young people deserve better. 

SIECUS: Sex Ed for Social Change reminds us that “with sex education, we have a golden opportunity to create a culture shift – tackling the misinformation, shame, and stigma that create the basis for so many of today’s most pressing issues” including sexual violence and disparities in sexual health.

You are invited to explore and support comprehensive sexual health education and what it means for young people throughout May as we celebrate Sex Ed for All month. To be part of this national movement, you can sign up with Advocates for Youth and follow the conversation all month long on social media with the hashtag #SexEdForAll! TPPP will be providing our members with a special update on Data, Tools and Trends that are essential to sex ed and rolling out additional resources for parents to start sex ed conversations with their kids at home while schools are closed.

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