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We value science:

  • We believe that complete, medically accurate information leads to better choices and outcomes for all.
  • We endorse evidence-based research which confirms that effective sexual health education is comprehensive, age-appropriate, and medically accurate, advocating the use of proven curricula and programs.
  • We promote the prevention of unintended teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

We value equity:

  • We center the rights, justice, and liberation of all youth, and we recognize that dismantling systems of oppression is a key part of the broad structural changes needed in our work.
  • We believe sex education must be responsive to the unique needs of all young people, regardless of factors such as income, parenting status, geographic location, sexual orientation, gender identity, or ability status.
  • We recognize that sexual health disparities exist for Black, Brown & Indigenous Youth of Color and that an intersectional approach is necessary to create equitable outcomes for all.

We value young people:

  • We work to shift the systemic structures that limit youth autonomy and self-determination.
  • We believe that quality sex education is free of stigma and shame; it helps young people develop healthy sex lives, prioritize their pleasure and explore their sexuality while keeping themselves safe.
  • We believe in giving young people the skills to develop healthy relationships with their families, their peers, and their current and future romantic partners. This includes an understanding of bodily autonomy and consent as clear, knowing and voluntary permission for any activity with another person.
  • We believe that young people have agency and are capable of making choices that lead to healthy and fulfilling lives.
  • We uphold parenting teens’ rights to choose to have children, to decide the conditions under which they give birth, and to parent their children with dignity, safety and support.

We value youth friendly professionals:

  • We believe in raising awareness of the causes and consequences of sexual health disparities and providing an atmosphere for professionals and parents to learn about proven and promising interventions.
  • We believe youth-friendly professionals take a positive youth development approach and center youth voice and choice in their work.
  • We recognize the impacts of social and health disparities on adolescent sexual health, committing ourselves to ensuring that young people have the tools they need to lead safe and healthy lives by supporting efforts to improve access to services.

We value family and community:

  • We believe those who parent and care for children are and should be the primary source of their values.
  • We support families playing a key role promoting adolescent sexual health and commit to providing them with the resources to do so.
  • We believe the community has the responsibility to provide an environment conducive for teens to make healthy decisions.