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About TPPP

What is your organization's name and the titles of staff?

Teen Pregnancy & Prevention Partnership (TPPP) has an Executive Director, a Program Coordinator, a Practicum Student, a Board of Directors and multiple Volunteers who serve on committees.

Do you work directly with teens?

No, we work with the adults who do work with teens. TPPP provides trainings to adults to help them be more effective, more comfortable sexual health educators. We are also involved in advocacy for comprehensive, medically-accurate, age-appropriate, evidence-based sexual health education.

How are you funded?

TPPP receives grant funding for special projects and basic support. We also receive membership dues as well as payments for our conferences, professional development meetings, and trainings.

What is the staff's role in the program?

The Program Coordinator plans, implements, and evaluates all of the trainings and meetings we offer. The Executive Director does everything else (financial stuff, networking, grant writing and management, advocacy, development, etc.). Additionally, for all of the programming we offer, we bring in presenters who are experts in the field.

Are there similar organizations working in other states?

Yes, a list of organizations working on teen pregnancy prevention in other states can be found here.

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